About Us

Welcome to the Halloween Council, your ultimate guide to all things Halloween. We are a team of cultural and fashion experts who meticulously research the best advice to make your Halloween celebration truly unforgettable.

As a trained sociologist, my research has shown a significant decline in social interaction since the 1960s, as observed in Dr. Robert Putnam’s book, Bowling Alone, where he chronicles the decline in participation in bowling leagues and community groups. Trick-or-treating in one’s own neighborhood is also experiencing a similar decline, starting well before the pandemic.I created Halloween Council to combat these trends of increasing isolation, ensuring that Halloween remains an interactive holiday that brings people together.

My goal is for future generations to continue the tradition of celebrating Halloween with their loved ones, and for the bonding experience of Halloween, namely participating in community events, to endure.

Additionally, I want to share the joy of Halloween with international readers and encourage them to create their own versions of this frightfully fun holiday in their countries. This platform is an extension of my work at Sociology Inc, and it serves to provide comprehensive details on Halloween traditions, costumes, decorations, and entertainment.

Explore our articles for everything you need to know about the history, traditions, and fun aspects of Halloween. Join our community of Halloween enthusiasts and make this holiday spooktacular!

Nicholaus Nelson-Goedert, PhD